Progressive Pokies

Some of you may have a question: Exactly what does “progressive slot” mean? Don’t worry – before we dive any further into this topic, we’ll define this term in order to avoid any confusion.

You may know all about normal pokies. There are several reels and rows. You spin the reel and get the reward based on symbols and paylines. In pokies, the payout is usually the value of the symbol that appeared in the payline, multiplied by your stake amount.

So, imagine you wager $0.10 as a total bet. You get a payline that is worth a 20x payout. So your winnings from this spin will be 0$.10 x 20 = $2.00.

In classic and video pokies, these small wins are common. However, Jackpot and Progressive slots work a little differently. They still have normal spins and wins that work in this way. They also have an extra type of win known as the Jackpot Win.

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About Progressive Slots Australia

The highest payout you can win in one spin from a jackpot slot could be anywhere from 2000x to 10000x your bet. If you made a huge bet, then this has a great potential payout. But if you made a small bet, you might end up with just $1,000 in hand at the end.

But there’s a payout even bigger than that awaiting you. We’re talking about the kind of payout that turns you from a student or 9-to-5 worker to a millionaire overnight. The kind of payout you could live off for the rest of your life. This is the kind of payout that buys you yachts and Ferraris.

We’re talking about a progressive jackpot payout. Keep reading to find out more about the hype around progressive slots Australia and how you can take advantage of free progressive slots at AU online casinos!

What are Progressive Slots?

The specific mechanics of the jackpot win varies from game to game. Hence, it isn’t possible to describe exactly how to win it. You’ll have to find out by playing the slot yourself or looking up the rules of the game. In general, Jackpots are activated through bonus features and extra rounds. They certainly aren’t easy to earn and will require lots of both time and luck.

In Jackpot slots, the jackpot amount is still based on your stake. As mentioned earlier, it could be 1,000x or 10,000x the stake. So, there is an upper limit to how much you can win from the game.

On the other hand, progressive slots online, also known as progressive jackpot slots, throw any semblance of limits out the window. Each time you make a spin, a tiny portion of your bet amount is added to the pool. You won’t even notice it, since this amount is taken from the overall payout/RTP rather than from each spin. This pool builds up over time, as every single person who plays that particular title contributes to it.

Remember that online casino games are not actually developed by each casino operator. They are produced by a third-party software developer and hosted by various casinos. So, thousands and even millions of people can contribute to the prize pool of a single game. The more people try to win the prize, the bigger it gets.

Eventually, the prize pool can grow to be worth hundreds of thousands or even millions. The longer it goes without anyone winning it, the bigger it gets. Ultimately, this prize pool worth millions will be won by a single, incredibly lucky person. Who knows, it could be you tomorrow!

How to choose the best Progressive Slots

Pokies are made up of a lot of different component parts. It stands to reason that the better each part is, the better the overall game is. So when we review progressive slots AU casinos host, we look at each of these aspects before giving the game an overall verdict.

Most of these aspects are actually basically the same between different pokies. For instance, whether it’s a five-reel, three-reel or jackpot title, we still consider the theme and design to be equally important. No matter what type of game it is, it has to be engaging and immersive.

The bet amounts are also quite important when considering them. For starters, there are often restrictions in the game regarding the jackpot wins. There will be a minimum betting amount you need to use in order to have a chance at getting the jackpot. 

So, if you are actively targeting the highest win, you’ll be making a huge number of spins. In that case, a high minimum bet can be frustrating.

Similarly, the Return to Player or Payout rate should also be considered. Compared to normal pokies, progressive slots have a lower RTP. So, if you are playing for real money, you need to consider the tradeoff between less payouts but a tiny chance at the jackpot.

How to play Progressive Slots?

The gameplay here is essentially similar to any other pokies. You place your bet from a menu or by using ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons. Then you click the big ‘Play button and watch the reels spin! When the spinning stops, you can find out if you won any rewards from the game’s paylines.

At this point, you would simply get a payout and move onto the next spin. However, in progressive titles, it is important to check if you activated a bonus feature or not. Activating various bonus features is how you get a chance at the jackpot. 

An example of a bonus feature needed to unlock the jackpot would be like this. The game might ask you to collect a specific number of bonus symbols during a bonus round. The symbols appear extremely rarely. Once you have collected the symbols, you get few bonus spins during which you have a chance to win the big prize.

While this isn’t an exact description, it should give you a basic idea of how the prizes are locked up behind bonus features.

You can play free progressive slots at many online casinos. You can do this by simply trying out the demo version of the game. This would give you a great idea of how the game plays. If you aren’t satisfied with playing a demo with no real money at stake, then you can try out some free spin bonus offers instead!

Casino bonuses come in all shapes and forms. The biggest and most popular bonuses you’ll encounter are welcome bonuses. They are usually used up on the first few deposits, but provide lucrative rewards. Some of them can give up to £100 or up to 50 free spins – more than enough money and free spins to play your favourite progressive titles!

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