Poker Tournaments in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and other Australian Cities

Poker tournaments in Sydney, Melbourne, and other cities have gained significant popularity. They attract a lot of local and international players, making the scene interesting and competitive. These range from local pub events to high-profile competitions like the Aussie Millions held at the Crown Casino. They often feature substantial prize funds and draw attention from the global community. Read this article for a detailed look at the exciting world of Australian poker tournaments.

Top 10 Annual Poker Tournaments in Australia

Australia`s poker domain is actively developing thanks to the series of annual tournaments that draw participants from around the globe. These events, known for their significant prize funds, highlight the international calendar. Let`s explore some of the top ones.

The Aussie Millions, Australian Poker Championship

The Aussie Millions 2023 is the country`s most prestigious tournament. Held annually at the Crown Casino in Melbourne, it started in 1998 and has become one of the world`s largest and most anticipated events. The competition typically takes place in January and features a series of events. It often attracts top international players and offers a multi-million dollar prize fund.

Crown Poker Championship

Also hosted at Melbourne`s Crown Casino, the Crown Poker Championship is among the top poker tournaments, Australia 2023. The event date changes every year, but it usually occurs in April or May. It offers players a range of possibilities with varying buy-in levels to suit different bankrolls. Past editions have included the $1,100 Main Event, which has proven popular.

Melbourne Poker Championship

This championship usually happens in the month of August. It is known for its various games and buy-in levels, catering to high rollers and more casual players. The event features No-Limit Hold`em as the primary game but includes other variations to suit diverse preferences.

Sydney Championships

It is a series of prominent poker tournaments, Sydney. Usually, in July or August, it includes various games and buy-in options, attracting diverse players. While the main event receives considerable attention, side events also offer players varying levels of competition and the chance for substantial winnings.

World Series of Poker (WSOP) International Circuit

It extends the prestigious WSOP brand beyond Las Vegas, bringing upscale poker tournaments, Australia 2023 to various global locations. Events on the WSOP International Circuit in Australia typically feature numerous options while participants compete for coveted WSOP rings and large cash prizes. The Star Sydney often hosts these events, bringing together local and international players.

Australian Poker Tour (APT)

It focuses on bringing competitive and accessible poker events to players across Australia. It`s recognized for hosting tournaments in major cities like Sydney, Brisbane, and Gold Coast. For instance, Check Raise Poker Brisbane offers a variety of options suitable for different skill levels and bankrolls, making it popular among a broad range of poker players.

World Poker Tour (WPT)

It is a globally recognized series of international tournaments, and its Australian stage is a significant event on the national poker calendar. The WPT Australia 2023 events occur in prestigious casinos and attract a lot of experienced players worldwide. These competitions are known for their high stakes, professional atmosphere, and substantial prize funds.

PokerStars ANZPT

The ANZPT, sponsored by PokerStars, is a major Australian and New Zealand poker tour. It brings a series of poker tournaments, Australia 2023, to various locations, featuring large fields and sizable prize funds. The tour`s schedule includes events for players of all levels, from amateurs to professionals, and is known for skilled management.

PokerStars APPT

The APPT is a major tour in the Asia-Pacific region and has a strong presence in Australia. It was launched in 2007 and quickly became one of the most prestigious tours in the area. As part of these poker tournaments, Sydney, they have showcased local players and provided tough competition for international competitors.

Australian Poker League (APLPT)

The APL Poker Tour is a popular and accessible league in Australia. It`s designed to cater to the basic level and make the game more available to a broader audience. The National Poker League organizes regular events nationwide, often in local pubs and clubs.

Big Names in Australian Poker Tournaments

Many tournaments have gained global recognition for their high-quality events and for involving many of the most talented and respected players. They have contributed significantly to the game, earning praise at home and internationally.

Jeff Lisandro

Known for his exceptional skills in Seven-Card Stud, Jeff Lisandro is a distinguished figure in Australian poker. With multiple poker competition bracelets to his name, he has earned a reputation as one of the best Stud players in the world. Lisandro`s accomplishments include a remarkable year in 2009, where he won three WSOP bracelets.

Kahle Burns

Burns has quickly become one of Australia`s top talents. His rise in the high-stakes scene is marked by significant cash in some of the world`s biggest events. He has won multiple WSOP bracelets and has made final table appearances in high roller competitions across the globe. Burns is known for his aggressive style and analytical approach, contributing to his success in domestic poker tournaments, Sydney.

Aristomenis Manny Stavropoulos

Stavropoulos, a key figure in the Australian poker scene, gained international acclaim after winning the 2015 Aussie Millions Main Event. This victory was a major milestone in his poker career, placing him among the elite players in Australia. Stavropoulos is known for his resilience at the table and his ability to navigate through large tournament fields effectively.

Michael Addamo

Originally from Melbourne, Addamo has become one of the most successful Australian pro poker players in recent years. His accomplishments include winning WSOP bracelets and securing high finishes in Super High Roller events. Addamo`s aggressive playing style and fearless approach have earned him a huge reputation both online and in person.

Jeff Rossiter

Rossiter is another prominent name known for his consistent performances in major Australian poker tournaments. He has accumulated significant winnings over his career, including high finishes in Asian and European tours. Rossiter`s analytical skills and calm behavior at the table have been key to his sustained success.

Poker Tournament Rules & Terms

Poker tournaments in Melbourne and other cities, with their unique structure and rules, offer an exciting challenge for players. Understanding key terms and rules is essential for anyone following these events. Here are some crucial aspects:

  • Action clock. It is a time-limit mechanism used to keep the game moving. Typically, players have a fixed amount of time, often 30 seconds, to decide when it`s their turn. If someone fails to act within this period, their hand is automatically folded.
  • Ante format. Antes are mandatory poker competition bets placed by all players before the hand starts, contributing to the initial bank. In some tournaments, the `big blind ante` format is used, where the player in the big blind position places the antes for the entire table.
  • Levels per day. Poker tournaments in Melbourne and other cities are structured into levels based on the blinds and antes, which increase regularly. The number of levels played daily varies based on the overall structure and schedule.
  • Prize fund. It is the total amount of money to be awarded to players, usually derived from the entry fees. It`s typically distributed among the top finishers, with the winner receiving the largest share.
  • Seating redraws. In multi-table tournaments, a seating shuffle occurs at certain points to balance the number of players at each table. The remaining participants are often reassigned to new tables to ensure even distribution and fair play. It is common in larger poker tournaments, Melbourne, as the field narrows down.

Understanding these terms and rules is vital for anyone looking to participate in or follow poker tournaments, as they form the basis of the competitive structure. Be aware that rules may vary slightly between different events.

A Brief History of Poker Tournaments in Australia

The evolution of top poker in Sydney, Brisbane, and other Australian cities is a journey marked by significant milestones. Here`s a look at their development:

  • 1970s-1980s: early days in Australia. The game began to gain popularity in the country, with small-scale poker tournaments, Australia 2023, primarily held in local pubs and clubs.
  • 1987: the emergence of Texas Hold`em. It was introduced in Australian casinos as the most popular poker variant, laying the foundation for more structured competitions.
  • 1998: the birth of the Aussie Millions. The Australian Poker Championship, now known as the Aussie Millions 2023, launches at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. It starts as a small event but rapidly grows to become one of the most prestigious tournaments globally.
  • 2003: the boom. The global poker boom, spurred by the televised victory of Chris Moneymaker in the WSOP Main Event, significantly increased the popularity of the poker tournament, Gold Coast and other competitions.
  • 2007: introduction of the APPT. The APPT, sponsored by PokerStars, includes stops in Australia, further integrating the Australian domain into the global circuit.
  • 2010s: growth of online poker. In the 2010s, there was an increase in the number of online sites, making the game more accessible to Australian players and increasing participation and interest.
  • Present day. The Australian poker domain is prospering, with live and online tournaments attracting many players. Major events like the WPT Australia 2023 consistently draw large crowds and international players.

These milestones demonstrate how poker in Australia has transformed from a casual pastime to a recognized and sought-after event. The key draw of these Australian poker tournaments is cash prizes, with many awarding millions of dollars.

Laws for Live and Online Poker in Australia

In Australia, live poker operates legally within licensed casinos. Tournaments also enjoy legality when held in such establishments with permission.

Conversely, the Interactive Gambling Act 2001 places strict controls on online poker tournament events, prohibiting the offer of real money games domestically. However, players are not penalized for participating in offshore competitions where Australian law does not apply.


How do online poker tournaments work?

These events begin at a set time when players buy-in for a specific amount and receive an equal stack of chips. Participants play until they run out of chips, with the last remaining player declared the winner.

How do I enter the tournament?

To enter a competition like APT Sydney 2023, you must typically register and pay the buy-in fee. It can be done through the event`s website, at the casino hosting it, or via a third-party provider.

How long do events last?

They vary in length, ranging from single-day events to multi-day ones. Large tournaments like the WPT Poker Brisbane often last several days, and the schedule includes various games.

What are satellite poker tournaments?

Satellites are qualifying events where players can win entry into larger, more expensive competitions. Winners earn a seat at the main table without paying the full buy-in.

Where can I find the best tournaments?

The best tournaments take place in established casinos and renowned online sites, such as the Aussie Millions 2023 at Crown Casino Melbourne.

Where to practice my poker skills?

To practice your skills, try free-to-play games, local pub events, or home gameplay that allow for low-risk experiences to refine strategies.

Can I play online poker for real money?

Playing online for real money within the country is prohibited under the Interactive Gambling Act 2001. However, Australians may access a poker competition on offshore websites not under Australian jurisdiction.

What type of poker can I play online in Australia?

Players can enjoy various game forms, such as Texas Hold`em, Omaha, and Seven Card Stud. They can play on international sites and enter events like Sunday Millions.